Automatic T-Roller wrap around labeling machine / เครื่องติดฉลากอัตโนมัติแบบหมุนขวดอยู่กับที่ขนาดเล็ก


♦PLCs base control
♦Touch screen setting and display
♦Suitable for cylindrical and taper shape 
♦Coding device support(Optional)
♦All driven by servo motor
♦Include encoder synchronize speed
♦Bottle position oriented(Optional) 
♦Out put speed 30-45 bottle/min. 
♦Sus304 structure and cover
♦Product memory 20 items


 Specification   MET-ATW-150
Labeling type  Automatic T-roller wrap applicator
Bottle type Cylindrical and taper shape
Bottle dimension 30-100 mm.(D) x 30-150 mm.(H)
Label size 20-150 mm.(W) x 20-150 mm.(L)
Roll size 3"(76 mm.)(ID) x 12"(300 mm.)(OD)
Control system PLCs base control
 Label  and bottle drive AC Servo motor
Label sensor Opaque or transparent(Optional) 
Label apply Fully wrap around, front back wrap around and position search wrap
Out put speed 30-45 m./min.
Accuracy +/- 1 mm.
Machine dimension 650(W)x2,500(L)x1,650(H)
Compress air 0.4 Mpa. 100 NL/min.  
Power consumption 1 Ph 220V 50/60 Hz - 1,200W. 
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