Label print applicator standard / เครื่องพิมพ์และติดฉลากแบบมาตรฐาน


♦Micro controller base control
♦Keypad setting and LCD graphic display
♦Suitable for apply label to front side of box
♦Print Engine base on "Intermec" PM4i 230dpi
♦Print speed up to 8 ips.
♦Interface by serial port RS232
♦Support file form "Label matrix" and "Bartender"
♦Out put speed 20-40 box/min. 
♦Verifier scanner(Optional)
♦Sus304 structure and cover
♦Product memory 10 items


 Specification   MET-LPA-ST100
Labeling type  Automatic blow on or wip on applicator
Box type Flat box
Box dimension 150-150 mm.(W) x 100-300 mm.(L) x 100-300 mm.(H)
Label size 104mm.(W) x 104 mm.(L)
Roll size 3"(76 mm.)(ID) x 12"(300 mm.)(OD)
Control system Microcontroller base control
Print engine "Intermec" PM4i 230dpi
Interface Serial port RS232
Bar code software support "Label matrix" or "Bartender" for win7 or lower
Print speed Up to 8 ips.
Accuracy +/- 2 mm.
Machine dimension 400(W)x500(L)x350(H)
Compress air 0.4 Mpa. 60 NL/min. 
Power consumption 1 Ph 220V 50/60 Hz - 400W. 
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