Automatic wrap around labeling machine / เครื่องติดฉลากอัตโนมัติแบบหมุนขวดเคลื่อนที่


♦PLCs base control
♦Touch screen setting and display
♦Suitable for cylindrical shape 
♦Coding device support(Optional)
♦All driven by servo motor
♦Include encoder synchronize speed
♦Out put speed 40-100 bottle/min. 
♦Sus304 structure and cover
♦Product memory 20 items


 Specification   MET-AWA-200
Labeling type  Automatic wrap arround applicator
Bottle type Cylindrical shape
Bottle dimension 30-100 mm.(D) x 30-200 mm.(H)
Label size 20-150 mm.(W) x 20-200 mm.(L)
Roll size 3"(76 mm.)(ID) x 12"(300 mm.)(OD)
Control system PLCs base control
 Label  and bottle drive AC Servo motor
Label sensor Opaque
Label apply Fully wrap around
Label feed speed 40-100 m./min.
Accuracy +/- 1 mm.
Machine dimension 800(W)x2,500(L)x1,500(H)
Power consumption 1 Ph 220V 50/60 Hz - 800W. 
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